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evolast® parts, the ultimate generation of perfluoroelastomers (FFKM according to ASTM D1418), are designed to combine the needs for chemical and thermal resistance provided by PTFE with the sealing properties (compression set) typical of elastomers.


evolast® seals are used in a wide range of equipments in critical processes where mechanical seals, valves, pumps, require the maximum of performance in particularly harsh environments.


evolast® items are available in the usual sealing shapes such as o-rings and gasket either in standard and in customised dimensions.


evolast® parts are recommended for extremely severe applications where difficult and costly maintenence strongly ask for reduce process dowtimes.


Exploting the availability of specific FFKM grades and compounding recipes,  evolast® components display excellent properties well above any other elastomer including FKM and FEPM :

  1. Oustanding resistance in aggressive chemicals, acids, organic and inorganic media, ketones, esters, solvents, amines, hot steam and water.
  2. Wide range of temperatures from -15°C up to 230°C for standard grades and 330°C for premium grades and pick up to 340°C.


evolast® is registred trademark of MCM S.p.a., High Performance Elastomers

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